Podiatry Services

Comprehensive diabetic foot health assessment including skin and nails, neurological and vascular status, and footwear advice. Keeping you safe and on your feet.

Diabetes affects the circulation and feeling in the feet. Loss of protective sensation and reduced blood flow put the feet at significant risk for developing wounds, infection, and ulceration. Diabetes also changes the foot structure leading to increased pressure points, excessive callous and thickened nails. Regular diabetic foot health checks are therefore vital to protecting your feet and avoiding future foot problems.

At Podium, our podiatrists will monitor your foot health whilst providing regular skin and nail care and advice on self-management. We also offer long-term management options including off-loading devices, padding, toe props, footwear advice and orthotics. With access to a range of specialist medical grade footwear our whole team will work with you to keep your feet protected.