Podiatry Services

Inhouse prescription and modification of functional and accommodative orthotics. We supply prefabricated or custom-made devices, providing short-term and long-term management options.

Foot orthotics (insoles) are designed to influence and optimise foot and lower limb function. Functional orthotics work to alter foot movement, relieving tension and allowing the body to heal injured tissues. Functional orthotics will also influence movement at the knees and hips. Accommodative orthotics redistribute load across the whole foot, reducing areas of high pressure and accomodating altered foot shape for maximum comfort and support.

Prefabricated (off-the-shelf) orthotics can be customised in-store to accommodate injuries and fit to footwear. Made from special compression molded foams, prefabricated orthotics will uniquely contour to your foot shape with minimal wearing in required.
Custom-made orthotics are produced from a 3D scan or foam impression of your feet to produce a digital replica. Manufactured from hard-wearing and durable polypropylene, each device is fully customised to provide long-lasting support. Custom devices can be shaped to fit any footwear type to cater to all sporting and lifestyle activities.