Welcome to the Future

It appears that during this turbulent and uncertain time we are heading towards a new normal. I realise this can be both stressful and frankly annoying, but, it has given us an opportunity to re-asses almost everything in our lives, make changes, improvements and efficiencies. Additionally, if you are like me tidy up and organise and plot our next trip to the dump! 

We at Podium Podiatry and Footwear are excited to announce one of our many changes for our business. Virtual Gait Analysis and Shoe Advice/Fitting. This is the brainchild of our current restrictions on movement and physical connections. We see it as a great way going forward to connect to our greater community, when visiting one of our stores or clinics is not possible. 

The Basics;

Book an appointment time with one of our trained Fit Technicians for a 20 minute video chat (booking details below). 

During the chat we will discuss your activities, injury history, current footwear and sizing.

Next we will have you position your camera on a runway and we will have you walk/run for us up and down several times, then some squats, to determine how your foot pronates (how it reacts to the pressure of bearing weight). This will help us determine the best type of shoe for your feet.  

Finally we will do some close ups onto your feet to determine shape and other anomalies, and maybe some additional measurements for sizing purposes as needed. 

Tools you need; 
  1. Device capable of video chat (mobile device, tablet or computer) and Internet connection. 
  2. Clear runway roughly 5 meters (such as your hallway or driveway)
  3. 15-30 minutes. 

We will handle the rest.


Ways to book; 
  1. Online through our Facebook Page
  2. Email 
  3. Call the shop 073072271


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