When it comes to running shoes, we get all geeky and technical, loving everything that goes into the manufacturing and design of the shoes we stock. We love trying them out and testing their capabilities so we can with confidence provide you with a product we love and know you will love too.

Now we understand you might not share our geekyness but we know how important your run tomorrow morning is and that is why we don't only put time and effort into product range but also our service to you. Its important to us that we provide you with the best technical knowledge not only of the product were selling but of running and the bio-mechanics behind it as well. We therefore employ staff that knows running, love running and love people.

Step1: Sizing

Its very important to get the right size when buying running shoes. Generally most people buy a size bigger than their normal shoe size but with different designs and sizing from brands, a 9 is not always a 9 so we use a Brannock device to make sure the length and width of your foot as well as your arch height. This all helps us to get you in a shoe that will fit your foot and not the other way around.

Step2: Visual analysis

The next step in our process is seeing your foot in motion. We're all different and our bodies absorb the impact of running differently so its very important to see how your bio-mechanics function in absorbing that impact. We use a video analysis to see your foot in motion while walking as well as running.

Step3: Fit

The third and final step in our process is to fit your new shoes. We aim to provide you with options in brands as well as various options within each brand, all (based on the information we have gathered) which will be suitable to you and your foot's bio-mechanics. We then look at how your foot function in these various options until we find the best functional fit and comfort to help you enjoy every minute out there on the road.

We go through all these steps in order to provide you with the best possible footwear options for your run and trust that you will get to love your run as much as we do ours.

Visit any of our stores in Tauranga , Whakatane or Rotorua and lets get you running injury and pain free.

Happy Running!



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