Our Team

Erin Beeler
Lead Podiatrist, Clinical Director.

After completing my Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry) and AUT in 2006, I worked as a podiatrist in Sydney before moving back to the sunny Eastern Bay of Plenty to set up my own practice. Working in 'rural' New Zealand was fantastic, but one struggle I had was having access to expert footwear technicians for my clients. My husband has years of experience on both sides of footwear retail, so he often ended up 'down at the local shops' helping my clients fit new shoes. With so many clients expressing the desire to be fitted 'here and now' Podium was born - a one-stop foot-shop where you can get your complete treatment plan sorted. 
I love Podiatry and believe we can help so many people, but we are often the last resort - so we have worked very hard to put Podiatry on the map. Our aim at Podium is to increase access to Podiatry services by making it easy to find (main shopping areas) and affordable.   

My desire to increase access to Podiatry for our entire community lead to me completing my Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science (Maori Health). This was a challenging yet very rewarding year and  I have an ongoing focus in this area. I also enjoy working as a Clinical Supervisor for 3rd (Final) year Podiatry students through Auckland University of Technology. I also enjoy representing Podiatry and the wider Allied (Primary) Health Community as a Clinical Representative on the Eastern Bay of Plenty Primary Health Alliance Board and as a Clinical Representative on the Podiatrists Registration Board of New Zealand. 

For my hands-on clinical work, I enjoy tackling Skin and Nail problems. I pride myself on a gentle, effective approach. Whether your foot problems are big or small (or perhaps you just want some TLC for your feet) I'd love to meet you. You can see me in our Whakatane clinic. 

Jamie Dodunski
Senior Podiatrist, Senior Footwear Technician Specialist. 

I’m a 'local'! Born and bred here in the Bay of Plenty. Into most sports as a youngster but I was getting injured. Properly fitted shoes and a visit to a podiatrist helped me a lot. This made me want to learn more, so after school I worked in the sports footwear industry and gained a vast amount of knowledge in the biomechanics of the lower limb and how footwear can play a huge part in how the body moves.

I graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry) in 2006. In my time as a practicing Podiatrist I have had some amazing experiences in treating the New Zealand Defence Force, Waikato NPC, Chiefs Super 14 and Bay of Plenty Steamers. I enjoy the challenge of working with difficult feet, and love helping people find comfortable foot solutions through my skills as a clinician, and knowledge of the footwear industry. 

Footwear and Podiatry has always been in my life and my passion has given me great knowledge to be able to treat my patients to get them back on their feet. I am available through our Flagship Bayfair Location. 


Podium Podiatry and Footwear Ltd is recognised and respected as the leading retail provider of Podiatry and Footwear solutions. Our Podiatrists work in our in-store clinics making podiatry services more accessible to you.


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